Edzell Old School

Edzell, Angus - 2009

Project Summary

Existing Building

Built in 1902 the former Edzell School and Gymnasium are fine buildings of the period with fine carved stonework and many original features that we were keen to preserve. Set in a pleasant residential area overlooking park land, the buildings were ripe for conversion to high quality housing.

Design Proposals

The developer had obtained planning permission for three houses with an architectural consultant but having worked with us before, was keen to let us have a look at the plans to see if any improvements could be made. Working within the existing planning consent externally, the interiors were extensively re-designed to achieve open plan kitchen/dining spaces opening onto the gardens, double height volumes and additional bathrooms to maximise their market value.

The school house building leant itself well to division into 2 generous four bedroom properties using the two original entrances for boys and girls. The gym house leant itself to a detached property with the addition of a two storey extension to the rear. Our concept for the main schoolhouse was to exploit the large volumes within the schoolhouse creating double height spaces and open plan living accommodation.