Douglas Street

Dundee - unbuilt

Following the success of other small and affordable work units in Dundee and the high demand for small residential properties, we created a concept design of a live-work development for the micro-industry. Project Summary

The powerhouse of today is the small 1-man-band industries. Our client whishes to create an environment where they can prosper; studio apartments with matching small work units, all hinged around a communal gallery.

Sited in the Blackness conservation area in Dundee, the proposal hints at the scale and materiality of the mill buildings that used to dominate the area and taps into the growing artistic creative scene in the area.

The domestic units are formed from 4 compact 2 bedroom flats and 4 studio apartments, all fully equipped for micro-living. Each unit has a South-West facing balcony that basks in the evening sun and is protected from the wind by the deep red brick fins. Full height glazing to the balcony allows the accommodation to be flooded with light.